Sunday, 26 May 2013

Group 7 (S207-09)

Location: Admt studio

Group 7 ( s207-09)

Location : Ecopond

Sec 2 Photos

Group C4

Group 7 ( S207,08&09)

Location: goalpost near forest

Group C4

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Group C4

Group 7( Metta Ni, Teo Ji Hao, Joel Teh , William, Roger , Jason)

Location 6

Compass and Bearings Worksheet

Compass and bearing worksheet

Group 3: Activity 2

Block D: Water Coolers near ISH

Activity 2: Group 3

Bearings Activity

Bearing Activity

Group 6.



Siao Boon Kiat (萧文杰)

Ex-President of Fuhua Primary School's Infocomm Club

IDA Youth Infocomm Ambassador

SST CyberWellness Ambassador 






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Group photo

Group photo


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